SCG (Siam Cement Group) Floating Solar Farm at Rayong


SCG Chemicals' floating solar farm is eco-innovation earmarked for usage in the industry. Also, the solar cell buoy lifespan can last for more than 25-30 years. The capacity of this technology produces 2 MG of power in 7 square kilometers radius. The production cost is only 2.5 bath per unit which is 1.5 bath cheaper than conventional means. In the near future, this technology will be adapted for a more alternative energy source within the corporation and also expand its technology to the industries who are interested in this technology. The first floating solar solution is another eco-innovation that SCG Chemicals has developed to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and served as a new solution for those wishing to maximize the use of their underutilized space. More importantly, this innovative product promises to open up new opportunities for the production of clean energy from solar power in Thailand.

Feature :

SCG floating solar farm at Rayong is the pioneer in floating solar technology in Thailand. It is more efficient than any conventional solar cell technology.

  • Floating Solar buoy: Experience the new way of maximizing the use of underutilized space by seeing the electric production process placed on the water.
  • Control center: Seeing the operation firsthand of how floating solar technology is better than conventional solar cell technology and how it regulates the energy and cycles it around the factory to power all the operation.

Remarks :

  • Safety helmet are provided on site.
  • Casual dress is recommended due to the climbing activities.