Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology


Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) has been founded by PTT Public Company Limited with the hopes of researching for cutting-edge technology and innovation. VISTEC aims to become the “Research Institute” with not only to create the powerful personnel into the society but also create intellectual properties combined with the best of the academic system to boldly become one of the leading institutes of Thailand.

VISTEC strives to become a world-class academic research institute. The research funding, facilities, equipment, and human resource are provided by PTT Public Company Limited to ensure world-class academic excellence. The main goal of the institute is to increase the country’s competitiveness and develop the best and brightest people to ensure future sustainability in Thailand. VISTEC has the ambition to become a center of highly-advanced technological institute together with many scientific breakthroughs that emphasize on 3 goals.

  • Creating New Science
  • Producing the new breed of scientist who is able to succeeding to the top of the field.
  • Developing new scientific breakthrough that is beneficial to all.

Feature :

This tour will show you the breakthrough in terms of new invention and technological marvel that contribute to lasting sustainability to the world.

  • School of Information Science and Technology (IST): This school focused on the combination of robotic technology to help to simplify the living experience of all. The robotics studio emphasis on robotic technology and automated system with the use of AI. Also, the school is working on a technology called “Google Brain” and computer graffia. the ultimate goal of the school is to adapt to the changing era and correspond with the government’s “Thailand 4.0 ”policy.
  • School of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE): The school aims their research department onto Advanced Functional Materials/ Bio-inspired Organic Solar Cell, Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene to correspond with the policy of “Thailand 4.0”
  • School of Molecular Science & Engineering (MSE): The campus’s expert in molecular science has paved ways to many innovative approaches such as an Advanced Energy Storage which comprise of Super-capacitor, Super-graphene Nano Battery capable of storing electrical energy from solar cell which can help to close the gap toward solar cell capability that cannot convert and store solar cell technology into battery for future use. Also, the creation of 2-D catalyst for high selective wanted Products for industrial use.


  • Casual dress is recommended due to some outdoor activities